Cravings are your body´s way of telling you that you may be lacking certain nutrients or sweetness in life that may not be food related. If you are having cravings for sweets like chocolate, cakes, ice cream, sodas or juices than you should try out these following tips:

  1. Drink water
    Sugar cravings can be a sign of dehydration. Start your day with a big cup of warm water and make sure you are drinking enough water during the day.
  2. Sleep more
    Are you getting enough sleep? If you aren´t sleeping well your body may tell you that you need more rest in the form of sugar cravings. A minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep is recommended for adults to feel energized and not tired during the day.
  3. Reduce caffeine
    Caffeine can cause dehydration and also blood sugar swings which can be the reason for sugar cravings
  4. Reduce alcohol
    Same as caffeine alcohol is dehydrating and therefor may cause sugar cravings
  5. Eat sweet vegetables
    Try out eating more sweet vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, beets or squash. Due to their naturally sweetness you will crave less sugar.
  6. Eat more sweet fruits
    If you are eating more sweet fruits like bananas, mangos, melons, grapes or pears you are not only getting a lot of vitamins and antioxidants but also natural sugar which will satisfy your cravings for more sweets.
  7. Use spices
    If you use more spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, coriander or curries you may notice less cravings due to the sweet aroma of the spices. Put cinnamon in your tea or nutmeg into your potato mash.
  8. Personal life
    Cravings can have a psychological component. If you aren´t happy in your personal life and are missing “sweetness” in your relationships or in your work this can be the cause for cravings too. If your life is sweet enough you don´t need additional sugar to feel happy and satisfied.

The most important thing is that you are listening to your body and finding out what works for you. Find out the source of your cravings so you can adjust, take charge of your health and eliminate your sugar craving. These simple steps can positively impact your health, your weight and your overall wellbeing.