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Whole health approach for lifelong happiness

Is work or relationship stress causing you to overeat?

Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising?

Do you want to naturally lose weight and have more energy?

Do you want to stress less and get better quality sleep?

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Health Coaching Programs

As your Health Coach my #1 job is to help you discover what is getting in the way of you achieving your health goals, and help you create a plan to blast through barriers so you can live life to its fullest. I have offered many different health coaching programs in the past and by far the best results come from these two core offerings.


Personal one-to-one health coaching:

Become the master of your own health, and lock in healthy lifestyle changes for good with the 90-Day Health Coaching Intensive program.


Workshops & Keynotes

Looking to:

  • Motivate your team? 
  • Spark interesting conversations? 
  • Help others to simplify and enrich their lives? 
  • Increase the focus on health & wellness in your workplace? 

I can speak to your company, team, department, club or professional group.  Any workshop can be re-designed as a Keynote of 60-90 minutes.

If you have a group of friends, neighbours, family or work colleagues that want to “do” something together, why not consider of my workshops? It’s a great way to learn new insights and skills within a supportive groove of my workshops and have fun at the same time!  Even long after an engaging and interactive workshop ends, members help each other to maintain new habits and lifestyle changes.

I have experience speaking on a variety of topics, and am open to your ideas too.  I always customize my workshops to meet the needs and interests of the group – here are a few sample topics to consider…



Ditch the Drive-Thru – Meal Planning that Works

This session is for you if you want to stress less about meals, save time and money on food and have better health. If you know you can prepare better meals, but you just need a proven system and a bit of guidance

Do you ever…

  • Feel overwhelmed or exhausted with the thought of preparing another meal?
  • Regret throwing out food because it went bad before you used it?
  • Wish you didn’t have to decide what to eat when you’re hungry?
  • Wonder how other women seem to feed their families nourishing balanced meals effortlessly every day?

You’ll learn 10 amazing benefits of meal planning that can significantly increase your nutrition and decrease your food waste so that you’ll stress less, save time and money, and have better health


Sugar Junkie? How to Kick the Habit!

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine and is the leading contributor to chronic disease. We’ve all heard that sugar is in everything…how do we avoid it?

If you’re wondering why you crave sugar at certain times and

  • You’re done reinventing the wheel and you want someone to tell you what works and what doesn’t – for real
  • You want to discover what is keeping you stuck so you can get unstuck
  • You’re ready to finally get this sugar and food thing handled so you can allow your best self to shine

Join me to discover a safe, powerful and holistic approach to balancing sugar in your life, plus hear how to kick the sugar habit without giving up sweetness, so you can experience a total transformation that gives you your best body, your best moods and your best life ever!

This workshop can be made more interactive as I bring in some foods with sugar in them that tend to be surprising.


Healthy Road Trippin’ 

Want to take better care of yourself and your family when on the road?  Let’s face it with the time we spend on holidays, travelling for business or as Moms running everyone everywhere, most of us want to stay energized and ready to tackle anything.  Yet how do we do that?

Join me to learn:

  • How travelling affects your energy, mood and alertness
  • How not to fall into the traps of rushed eating or not eating at all when you’re on the run
  • Nutrition and exercise ideas that are easy to do on the road and will help reduce stress
  • Mindful habits that can be practised anywhere – and keep you calm

We all need to be motivated, re-fueled and re-energized when away from home. Let’s  get ready for your next adventure!


Boost Your Energy Naturally!

Do you often wake up in a fog, desperately needing a cup (or two) of coffee before you can fully function?

Do you feel “blah,” fatigued, and lethargic at certain times of day…and do you lack energy to fully engage in your life?

Learn what’s secretly stealing your energy…so that you never have to go another day feeling like you’re “too tired to handle life.” AND…

  • The fastest way to increase your energy, FOR GOOD
  • How every day choices can impact your energy levels
  • Simple ways to have lasting energy throughout the day
  • Energy boosting foods and nutrients you can easily integrate into your diet


Portion Distortion!

How much should we eat?

What should we eat?

How should we eat?

So many questions…so much information out there…We’ll learn how to feel better when you eat and know that you are in control of what goes into your body by:

  • Looking at labels – do we really know how to read them?
  • Understanding ingredient lists
  • Knowing what a healthy serving size looks like
  • Knowing when we are hungry and when we are full

And once we know how much to eat…we’ll look at how we eat which I believe is at the crux of bad (or non) digestion. We’ll talk about how to listen to your body and feel good in your own skin.


Clean Eating for Dirty Girls

Clean eating was never meant to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming.  And I have the perfect way to ROCK your clean eating once and for all.

There’s just never enough time to prep, to go to the grocery store and feel frustrated because you don’t know what to buy and the high total on the receipt doesn’t help your motivation.  And who wants to give up everything we love?

I hear my clients complain about this all the time! Why does clean eating have to feel like you are jumping through hoops and loops?! Well, let me tell you:


With this workshop you will learn:

  • What clean eating Is
  • How to begin clean eating
  • The benefits of clean eating
  • And so much more!



Power Hours

For many, their current lifestyle has created some physical or logistical road blocks that have made it nearly impossible for them to stick to a diet in the past. These service offerings are designed to laser in on the most common obstacles. Each session is 2 hours in length and requires us to work together, roll up our sleeves and tackle the beast at hand. The results are incredibly satisfying and motivating!

Master Meal Prep

Are you ordering takeout or delivery for what feels like every night of the week?

– Whenever you put together a plan for eating clean does it seem to fall apart after a few days?
– Do you want to start cooking more at home, but not sure where to start?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if making healthy meals was easy and straight forward? What if you could finally stop worrying about what you’re making for dinner tonight?

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to feel calm in your kitchen and confident in your ability to bring together a delicious meal in a matter of minutes. Master Meal Prep is all about you and me cooking in your kitchen…prepping a couple of delicious and healthy recipes (and yes, you get to choose!). We make enough for several meals, so you get a taste of what it’s like to have good food ready anytime.

What’s included:
– Me for 2-3 hours in your kitchen*
– I provide the recipes and you provide the ingredients.
– A recipe booklet with some great dishes you can try on your own – and they’re easy!

Think of that amazing moment when you open your fridge and it’s full of foods that are ready to go when you are – WooHoo!

Investment:  $247.00
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Supermarket Madness

Are you tired of wandering the aisles, not being able to find things and then when you do find something, having no idea if it’s actually healthy or not?

What if…you could navigate the aisles with ease, spend less time grocery shopping and come away with so many healthier food options?!

Book a session with me and we’ll visit your local grocery store to make your life easier! I will show you :
– what to look for and where to find it
– what to avoid
– how to read nutrition labels
– how to steer clear of ‘food marketing’ ploys and identify products that are actually healthy for you

We’ll spend 1.5 hours together and I’ll also answer your questions along the way, leaving you feeling more confident in the grocery store and excited to do your next shop!

Investment:  $187.00

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Pantry Purge

Are you determined to eat healthier? Are you panicked when you open the cupboards and you can’t find what you’re looking for. Do you want to cooking to be easy and healthy but every time you open the fridge, takeout just sounds easier?

I can help. Clear house, clear mind as they say…and they are right. I’ll spend 2-3 hours with you going through the foods in your cupboards and fridge and:

– identifying the tempting unhealthy, processed foods lurking on the shelves and in the fridge
– showing you what basics you need in your pantry to make easy decisions at mealtime
– how to read labels to make sure you are feeding you and your family the best foods
– how to have easy access to really good foods – all at your fingertips

So when cravings hit or mealtime has snuck up on you, you are ready and armed with the foods that will fuel your family and save you time and energy!

Investment: $247.00

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Join me on the 14 Day Reset Cleanse!

Learn how food affects the way you feel, how to identify your body’s unique needs and activate your natural healing potential!

During this program I’ll be leading you through a gentle, whole foods program that has helped thousands of people achieve the benefits listed above. AND I am committed to making the   experience as simple, stress-free and FUN as possible!

How do you know if it is time for a cleanse?

  • Do you get bloated after eating?
  • Do you have headaches more than occasionally?
  • Do you frequently belch or feel gassy or gurgling in your belly?
  • Do you tend to feel lethargic
  • Do you have cravings for sugary or starchy foods?
  • Do you experience mood swings or anxiety?
  • Do you have difficulty focusing or experience foggy brain?
  • Do you have allergies

 If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, this cleanse is for you!

Cleanse Benefits:                           :

  • Improve digestion (less gas and bloating)
  • Boost your energy
  • Decrease cravings for unhealthy foods
  • Experience deeper sleep
  • Experience clearer skin
  • Discover food sensitivities
  • Enhance your body’s ability to mobilize and excrete toxins
  • Decrease congestion and allergy symptoms
  • Create healthy habits that enliven you
  • 7 days of cleanse practices and recipes
  • 5 days of creating a maintenance plan
  • 3 group video calls with me

You’ll receive:

  • A personalized food plan
  • Private Facebook Group support
  • Preparation tips (4 days) – setting you up for success
  • 7 days of cleanse practices and recipes
  • 5 days of creating a maintenance plan
  • 3 group video calls with me

This is not a fasting cleanse – you will never feel hungry. In fact, most of my clients are surprised that they feel even more nourished and satisfied than they normally do on a regular “diet” or cleanse. I give you all the tools and support you need to jump start your path to a healthier lifestyle!

 If you want your body to feel lighter and be mentally stronger – this cleanse is for you! 

  …you owe it to yourself to register today!


To join click the link below and choose your preferred start date:
November 3rd or January 12th.


Price:  $177 + HST


Start Dates

Love Your Gut in 30 Days

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said “All disease begins in the gut” – that was 2,000 years ago and now we’re beginning to realize the gut is a gateway to health of the brain and immune system! 

Does this sound like you???

          • Sugar cravings that are out of control
          • Struggling with gas, constipation and/or diarrhea?
          • Always tired no matter how much sleep you get?
          • Frequently experience bloating after a meal? 
          • Walking through life everyday in a thick brain fog?                                                                                                                                                        
The gut is a huge part of physical, mental and spiritual well-being and it gets ignored way too often. Learning to support your gut (it’s your internal garden!) and the beneficial bacteria that live there is THE BEST THING you can do for your health!
What’s in this for you….
You’ll get tons of motivation throughout the 21 days, plus:
  • mini challenges
  • recipes that help reduce brain fog and bloating 
  • exercises/action plans to help restore digestive wellness
  • lifestyle tips that have a positive effect on your gut 
  • answers to those burning questions you have
All of this leading to YOU loving your GUT!!
You need to do this if…
  • you want more energy
  • you want to be less moody and anxious
  • you don’t want colds and the flu every year
  • you want it to be easier to lose weight
Start date:  Monday March 18, 2019
Investment:  $47!!!!
Payment accepted via PayPal below
Or message me to e-transfer payment
Once received, I’ll add you into the Love Your Gut Group on Facebook where the magic will happen!