21 Day program


I equate self-care to self acceptance and self love – all are important in reminding yourself of your worth. Self-care is not all about candles and taking hot baths or reading a good book – sure that’s part of it and there is so much more!  The more is where we’ll be going in my this 21 day program.  It’s about setting healthy boundaries, protecting your well-being and health, and learning that loving yourself is more important than anyone else’s opinion. 
In our 21 days together we will learn how to start nurturing ourselves, figure out how to manage our emotions differently so that time and energy feels more abundant and available.  Each day in our private Facebook group, I’ll be sharing the lessons on self acceptance, actions you can incorporate into your life with ease and tons of inspiration so you can embrace the small and simple.  Along with the group support, you’ll be letting your daily habits really serve you by tuning into your true needs and then doing something about it!
Here’s what you will walk away with…
  • an understanding of how to better manage your time and energy
  • increased confidence, productivity and motivation
  • improved concentration – say bye-bye brain fog
Stop putting YOU on hold for everyone else

How tired are you of trying to reach some arbitrary definition of beauty and success?

Self-care is working on yourself, fighting some tough battles and healing from self-doubt and loneliness. Join the How to Love Yourself to be Energize and Empowered Program now!

Say YES to you right now.

Having awareness of the NOW means you’re in charge – be the hero in your life, not the victim.

I can’t wait to see you inside the group!