10 Week Intuitive Eating Program

Building a Beautiful Relationship with Food, Mind, Body and Spirit.



Learn how to trust your inner body wisdom to make choices around food that feel good inside your body and outside as well.

The truth is very simple and liberating. Guess what? We are all born with the skill to eat, and to stop when we are full.

So why does binge eating happen? Where does unhealthy weight gain come from? Why are we not happy with our bodies?

In this program, you will learn how to stop warring against your body and learn to create peace within.

You will learn that all the ideals that society has instilled in you in terms of body image may not be actually FOR YOU.

Let me help you recover your natural instinct of feeding your body without any emotional attachment. Learn the power of Intuitive Eating.

You may be suffering from emotional eating, binging, weight gain, mood swings, and much more… The thing is, eating like you are now are going to continue to deteriorate your body in ways you can’t even imagine! From anxiety to immune system.

Everything is impacted by the relationship you have food.

There are tons of people out there right now facing the overwhelming task of getting back their health: taking pills, drinking smoothies, following the latest fad diet. And in the end, they are burnt out and without results.

Intuitive Eating is a powerful tool you can use to battle against all of the struggles you currently are fighting!

Transform Your Relationship with Food!

Are you ready?

My Eating With Intention Program will help you through the following:

  1. How to stop Binge Eating.
  2. How to let go of Dogmatic Ways.
  3. How to End the Yo-yo Eating.
  4. Learn How to Tap into Intuition and Thrive
  5. No More Deprivation.
  6. No More Dieting.

My Eating with Intention Program is Your Living The Best Life Blueprint!




JOIN MY Eating with Intention Group Program

Here’s some of what you’ll get in this amazing program:

  • 10-Week Group Program and tools to understand and implement a new lifestyle based on intuitive eating (one hour live & recorded Zoom call each week)
  • Food Diary
  • Intuitive Eating Journal 
  • Recipes Guides (Vegan and Omnivore) 
  • Suggested Meals 
  • Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and create conversations – this is the best part – the POWER OF GROUP SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY!
  • Access to me through the group – I’m here for you – to support, cheerlead, educate and empower!!  
And so much more! Trust me, you will learn so much about yourself, your body and how to have joy while you work towards your health goal.

Transform Your Relationship with Food!

Are you ready?

Here’s what others have to say about my programs:

“Amazing advice on how to curb my sugar intake. Feeling better about my alternate choices now I’m informed.”


“Going through Suzanne’s Program had solutions that were easy to follow and maintain. I am still keeping to my new alternative “sweet” foods and I don’t miss what I had been eating. I even think I am more alert during the day now. Woohoo! Thanks Suzanne.”


“I did Suzanne’s program and I have a more balanced energy throughout the day – no more napping and snacking! A big plus – I lost 7 pounds too! Thank you for opening my eyes and sugar awareness”


Your investment in yourself is

Only $197

if you sign up by June 21st


Suzanne is Registered and Certified Health Coach, who’s passion is to help women get off that “hamster wheel of life” and to enjoy their journey to heath!  A master of habit change, cheerleader, mentor & wellness authority Suzanne loves to inspire & educate women to make healthy lifestyle changes without deprivation.  Focusing on emotions & triggers leading to poor choices, Suzanne uses mind-set, nutrition and practical living tools to help clients’ achieve their health goals. 

When we fuel our mind, body and spirit – magic happens!

What are you waiting for?

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