Registered Health Coach 

Give yourself permission to be healthy and happy!

I can help you with:

  • Weight loss
  • Digestive issues
  • Cravings that are running wild when you’re feeling stressed
  • Feeling sad, lonely, bored or anxious and using food for comfort
  • Low energy and how to use the right food to get you through the day
Suzanne Forster

Suzanne Forster

Registered Health Coach

I had no idea I could feel this amazing!

Do you want to be energized & look forward to every moment of every day?
Do you need to be accountable when it comes to managing stress & food?
Are you tired & frustrated that nothing works for more than a few weeks?

You are not alone.

You know you should eat better and move your body more.  You’ve tried so many diets that haven’t worked, you’ve lost faith. Now you’re exhausted and swimming in self-doubt, fear and well crafted excuses.

Sound familiar?

That’s where I was 5 years ago.  For years I struggled with feeling good about myself. I was overweight. I didn’t believe in myself. Until I took my life back.  This experience empowered me to dedicate my life to inspire – helping others realize how extraordinary they can feel and that they deserve nothing less.

When we fuel our mind, body and spirit, magic happens!

I'm the right Health Coach for you if...

You want to find out what “Live Your Best Life” means for you

You want a positive relationship with food

You want a sense of inner strength

You want a leaner, healthier body

Unleash your personal power and let your best life begin.

Suzanne is passionate about helping her clients and serves as an inspiration to those who are struggling to make positive 


changes in their lives. Suzanne knows what it feels like to overcome feelings of frustration and disappointment, fear and never feeling good enough. She shares her valuable knowledge through her Real-Life Coaching Programs teaching you to break old habits and patterns, eat better, feel better and be more active through developing a positive relationship with yourself, your body and with the food on which you thrive. Simone


For 12 weeks I’ve been working with Suzanne Forster, an amazing health coach!! She herself has been on a journey well worth learning about 


 I’m sure some weeks during our meetings it took every ounce of Suzanne’s strength to remain smiling as I’d say, “Well, I was good for 5 days but you know, it got hot and that always triggers a good feed of ice cream.” She’d calming ask how much I’d eaten and try very hard not to show her shock when I’d say “Oh, you know, once I start on a tub it’s ice cream treat time until the whole container is gone.”

Week by week she introduced new strategies and me being one to take time to break habits would give it a try and then slip. Finally as we reviewed each week I incorporated more and more of her strategies. It was getting easier but I wasn’t quite there UNTIL she suggested I post pictures of my meals instead of journaling about my meals

I took my first photo Monday, July 24th at breakfast. Yes, like Suzanne had been suggesting all along, I made a bigger breakfast, ate it before my coffee (not a Tim’s double cream either) and it all fell into place

Thank you Suzanne Forster for being the coach you are!! In 3 days I’ve lost 6 pounds by eating more (yes, you told me you thought my meals were too small – healthy, but small, but that Tim’s coffee with double cream filled me up). My cravings are gone!! Yes, in 3 days!!

If you are feeling stuck with your weight or the foods you eat don’t satisfy your cravings, or don’t energize you, I highly recommend you send Suzanne a PM and start the ball rolling towards a happier, healthier you.

This posting was not paid for or solicited by Suzanne or anyone. It’s a testimony of how grateful I am for the wonderful work she is doing as a health coach.

Love, Grace and Gratitude to you Suzanne


Suzanne is very passionate and ambitious in her health business and extremely competent.


I find her to be keen, honest and patient in everything she does and she has an excellent rapport with people of all ages.


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